Farewell, friend.

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It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Sam Potter, a friend, collaborator and peer who shared the same dream of telling stories through film. He passed away unexpectedly early this morning.

Sam was the kind of person that I am drawn to. He was real. Nothing fake about him. He had a dry sense of humor and was a bit of a ham in his quiet sort of way. He was very loyal to his friends and I am honored to say I was one of them.

Sam was going to be our cameraman for Broken. This was a challenge he did not take lightly. He dedicated days of his last three weekends to practicing with me and giving his very best. He seemed happy and proud and it made me smile to see him that way.

The thing that I will always remember Sam for the most is his love for his children. Whenever I spoke with him, he was quick to mention a recent or upcoming visit with one of them. I was lucky enough to work with Sam and his daughter, Zoë last year on the short film, Jessica’s Ashes. I saw their camaraderie, playfulness and love for each other. In the end, that is all that matters.

I leave you with the enduring images I have of them.