About the Project

An episodic drama for new media.


Motivated by a traumatic childhood event, an obsessed documentarian explores what makes people do the horrible things they do. Soon she has to decide between abandoning her project or filming the unthinkable.

Set in the fictional town of Barrington, Indiana and surrounded by the hauntingly unique landscape of the Great Lakes dunes (never before filmed for episodic media), is the world of Broken. It’s the midwest like you’ve never seen it. Nestled among the “singing” sand, steel mills, country clubs and trailer parks are shattered lives. Everyone has a dark side and it is this cold human condition that is explored through the characters of Broken.

This character-driven story features an obsessed documentarian who confronts a buried secret through her camera lens. The project brings her face to face with her past and crossing paths with some very broken people.

Broken uses faux documentary interviews mixed with cinema-style dramatic scenes that reveal the lengths the characters will go to fix the unfixable.

What makes this project a bit different:

  • The script for Broken has achieved national finalist distinction in Shore Scripts (Semi-finalist), Cinequest (Top 20), Filmmatic (Top 10) and CWA (Top 25) teleplay contests.
  • The characters challenge the actors to portray them and will challenge you to watch. Fearlessness was a prerequisite for the talent.
  • Broken passes the Bechdel Test (a litmus test for gender equality in film).
  • We strove for and achieved a racially and gender-diverse cast and crew.
  • Broken will showcase spectacular Indiana dunes scenery that most people have never seen.
  • Our script has LGBT characters that are treated just like anyone else.
  • Broken uses an untraditional storytelling model that mixes faux documentary with dramatic scenes.