Voyage Chicago

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Got a little writeup via Voyage Chicago.



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Here’s a little taste of some of the very broken characters in Broken.


Donate Today!

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We’re making a TV show and need a bit of financial help to make it exceptional. Why let Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta have all the fun making TV shows? We can do …


Farewell, friend.

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It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Sam Potter, a friend, collaborator and peer who shared the same dream of telling stories through film. He passed away unexpectedly early this morning. …



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It’s been several months since he went missing. Mama’s coming for you, Elijah. Mama’s coming. Riley Jackson Moore will be playing Elijah in a flashback scene depicting a happy day with his mother. Glad you could …


Anonymous Woman

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What better way to confront your past then by making a documentary about the people involved in that horrible thing that happened so long ago? Each interview, though, takes her deeper into the rabbit hole. Careful now. Anonymous …



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Gordon’s pretty full of himself. He’s got lots of certificates and diplomas and awards and jeez is he handsome. He also just happens to have Max and Alexis as patients, so he knows some very interesting things …


Anonymous Woman (as child)

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The events that altered Anonymous Woman’s life path happened when she was just a girl. Halle Drennan (Anonymous Woman as a child)  gives us a peek into that terrible day.



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Superstar attorney, Alexis Ronan knows this is a dangerous world. She’s defended some pretty interesting characters and fought to give them a fair chance. But now she’s on the offense. Her son, Elijah, has gone missing and she’s …


Semi-finals. Again.

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Our script for Broken has moved from Top 50 to Top 20 (semi-finals) of Cinequest’s national teleplay contest. Hmmm, that’s two contests in a row we’ve made it to the semi-finals. Interesting. Very interesting.